The only open system in the South Bay Area


Far Infrared Sauna – Loosen tight muscles, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and burn some major calories in our Far Infrared Sauna. Most people sweat black! No, we’re not kidding.


Colon Hydrotherapy – Find relief from tummy troubles and get rid of stagnant waste with colon hydrotherapy. The only Open System in the South Bay!

Health Consultation – An in depth look at your diet and lifestyle with modifications created specifically for your body and goals. Includes Meal Plan, Food List, and Food Journal.

Steve H., San Jose, CA
After more than a week suffering from constipation, I found complete relief after a one hour session.  It was a comfortable atmosphere, not awkward or embarrassing and Joanna was wonderful.  Don’t suffer needlessly…visit Joanna and get back on track.

Ask about our Packages and Memberships!

We want to reward you for committing to your health. Save substantially with our month-to-month memberships. Memberships offer you our lowest price, but if you don’t use your sessions, you lose them! We promise you, it’s for your own good. How else would we keep you accountable? Packages, which never expire, are also available at a discounted rate. Call for more details!

Colenz – The only open system in the South Bay Area!

Cleanse and hydrate the colon while relaxing in complete privacy.

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We recommend adding the Far Infrared Sauna to your visit. Doing the FIR Sauna before your colon cleanse will warm up your colon, get your circulation moving, and allow for a better release and improved session.

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Take your time

Typical sessions last 30-45mins, maybe a little longer depending on how you feel.

Complete privacy

With our gentle and relaxing open system, you have complete privacy.

Complimentary probiotics provided

Complimentary 11-strain probiotics are provided at the end of your session at your request.

Full control

You have complete control of the water the entire session.


The colon is the organ that absorbs the most water out of the entire body, so needing to urinate common. With our open system, you may urinate at any time.


Our Colenz open system uses the smallest nozzle on the market – it is as small as a pencil!


We only use disposable, one-time use nozzles.


Complimentary aromatherapy is offered during your session with your choice of essential oils.