What are the benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy?

Proponents of colon hydrotherapy claim that the gastrointestinal tract can contain large amounts of toxins which lead to various health conditions such as asthma, allergies, and arthritis. Colon cleansing helps to minimize the possibility of those illnesses by directly addressing the root cause of the problems. The practice also enhances the immune system and boosts energy. Other benefits include better digestion, improved blood circulation, weight loss, and relief from bloating. Colon cleansing can be considered detoxification. Fecal matter in the body produces harmful bacteria, and therefore colon hydrotherapy is necessary to improve the body’s natural ability to cleanse the metabolic system. It may help improve conditions including but not limited to:

• Irritable bowel
• Bloating
• Allergies
• Skin problems
• Bad breath
• Body odor
• Arthritis
• Fatigue
• Insomnia
• Difficulty to focus
• Skin conditions (acne, dry/itchy skin, and many others)

Why Choose Us?

We are the only facility in the South Bay that proudly offers open-system colon hydrotherapy. There are two different types of systems for Colon Hydrotherapy – the open system, and the closed system. The open system uses a very thin nozzle, about the size of a pencil, and your bowels are passed naturally through your rectum, not forced through a tube. With the open system, you have the option of viewing your release at the end of your session. You also have a lot more privacy with the open system – the therapist checks on the client every 10-15 minutes throughout the session, but the client has privacy their entire session. The closed system uses a much larger speculum, about the size of a quarter, and you are forced to pass your bowels through a tube. The closed system can be very uncomfortable for people who suffer from constipation or pass larger bowels. With the closed system, you can see your release as it’s passing you through the tube, but you have no option of viewing your release after. With the closed system, the therapist is in the room with you the entire time, with no option of offering any privacy.

Does Colon Hydrotherapy hurt?

Not at all! It is virtually painless, and most clients report it is very relaxing and therapeutic! At the most, clients might get a little bit of cramping throughout their session, which passes quickly.

Can I go back to work after a session?

Absolutely! After a Colon Hydrotherapy session, you can return to work, go work out, or even grab some food! We recommend keeping your meals light and easily digestible for the rest of the day following your session; soup, salad, avoid red meat.

How many sessions do I need?

Every body is different – there is no magic number! When you come in for your first session, we will discuss your goals and challenges, your reason for pursuing holistic health, and we will recommend an amount based on your needs. In general, a series of 3-6 sessions is recommended to hydrate the colon and 6-12 sessions to cleanse the colon.

How often can I do Colon Hydrotherapy?

The closer you keep your sessions together, the better the results! Imagine a plate with dry food stuck on it – if you try to wash and scrub at it right away, you’re going to have a hard time. If you leave the plate soaked in water overnight and the you wash the plate, the dry food washes right off! The same is true with colon hydrotherapy – if you do two sessions in a row, you will have a much larger and deeper release your second session. Most clients come in 1-4x/month, but many will come in every day for a week as part of their cleansing protocol. If you are planning on doing several sessions close together, we recommend including probiotics as part of your regimen.

What are the benefits of the FIR Sauna?

Far Infrared penetrates about 3 inches – to the bone. The clinical research is there for far infrared – it helps with circulation, inflammation, and many chronic health problems. It is also great for weight loss – the average person burns about 600 calories in a 30-minute sauna session. You are losing water weight, which you will put back on once you re-hydrate, but the calories that you’re burning producing the sweat are calories that are permanently consumed. I highly recommend doing the FIR Sauna prior to your Colon Hydrotherapy session because it gets your colon nice and warm, helping you get a deeper release.

How often can I do the FIR Sauna?

The FIR Sauna is safe to do daily! They are also available for purchase for home use! Contact us for more details!